The Releases Page

These are the latest singles and albums released by the Toxic Bears.

Their latest single is Five Star. Listen to it here.

Five Star

Their previous single is The Anti Social Fabric. Listen to it here.

The Anti Social Fabric

Their second previous single is Wouldn't it be excellent? Listen to it here.

Wouldn't it be excellent?

Their third previous single is Tribal. What tribe are you in? You tell us. Listen to it here.


Their fourth previous single is Glow. Is it a coming of age morality tale? Is it a tale from the frontline of overseas conferences? Or a story of sitting by the 🔥? You tell us. Listen to it here.


Their penultimate plus four single is On The Way Out, about the troubles and tribulations of forced redundancy. Listen to it here.

On The Way Out

Their penultimate plus five single is Cutting Onions. Listen to it here.

Cutting Onions

Their single before that is Neighbourhood Planning. Listen to it here.

Neighbourhood Planning

Before that is My Bad Influences. Listen to it here.

My Bad Influences

See the video below.

Their former single is Misspent Youth. Listen to it here.

Misspent Youth

Their previous single, Big Stick, explores the viability of true independence in the face of existential threats and how such experiences can drive one to instead submit to the protection of the Big Stick. The story is told through the eyes of a famous Iraq war correspondent who despite being painfully aware of the constant moral and military failures of the invasion, eventually became a supporter of “big stick” diplomacy. The track was mixed and mastered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording. Listen here!

Big Stick

Their previous single, Participation Awards, contemplates the implications of a society in which everyone's a winner. The track was recorded live at the band's Brisbane studio, and mixed and mastered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording. Listen here!

Participation Awards

Their previous release, Anti Social Fabric, lambasts Lycra clad cycle hoons and their impacts on everyday riders. Listen to it here!

Anti Social Fabric

The music video of the track was a finalist in the 2020 Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival.

In 2019, Toxic Bears completed the album Nine Meals. It was mastered by Jason Livermore (Propaghandi, the Descendents, All) at The Blasting Room in Colorado. Listen to it here.

Nine Meals album cover

The band had their album launch on the 17th of August, 2019, at the The Milk Factory Bar. (The photos below are courtesy of Johnny Pong and Jordan Pearce. More can be found in the album launch photo gallery.)

Nine Meals album launch - band playing

Nine Meals album launch - more band playing

Nine Meals album launch - the audience