In memory of Scott Brady

Scott Brady

This page honours our bandmate, friend, and brother in rock, Scott Brady (1970—2023).

It has been a true privilege to share so many amazing moments with Scotty; from touring together in Japan, to the hundreds of late-night Bear cave sessions creating, honing, and recording our tracks. Scotty’s bass playing tastefully balanced creativity, flair, and restraint, and showcased some of the best chops in the game. Always calm, considered, and gentlemanly, Scotty was simply a pleasure to be around. Beyond his life with the Bears, Scotty was a loving father to two keen daughters, a devoted husband, and a respected and capable engineer.

We’re so grateful that we captured Scotty’s performances in our audio and video. We’re honoured to be the custodians of this art, and we hope it can serve as a tangible record of his presence, a testament to his musical passion and skill, and provide a source of ongoing comfort and reminiscence to his friends and family.

The illness that eventually took him stopped Scotty from being able to play with the Bears from 2021. His loss still leaves a huge hole in our hearts. We mourn him deeply and long for a chance to have said our final goodbyes in person.

Rest in peace Scotty Bear, we love you brother.