Band under the Victoria bridge

Toxic Bears (トクシックベアーズ) are an avant garage and experimental punk band out of Brisbane. The members are:

  • Mark Limb (Rapido Bear) - vocals, guitar
  • Josh Robertson (J-Bear) - guitar, vocals
  • Scott Brady (Scotty Bear) - bass, vocals
  • Jamie Coyle (JC Bear) - drums, vocals

Listen to the Bears

Their latest single is The Anti Social Fabric. Listen to it here.

The Anti Social Fabric

Their single, Participation Awards, got the Bears a definite non-participation award, by coming 5 in the 4ZZZ Hottest 100 for 2020! The band are stoked, humbled and honoured to be ranked so high.


The Bears perform live at the The Milk Factory Bar.

Nine Meals album launch - band playing

Nine Meals album launch - more band playing

Nine Meals album launch - the audience

Toxic Bears’ adventures through Japan’s underground live music scene featured in The Guardian in 2015: 'No record label, no promotion, no merch, no reason not to tour Japan'. Would you like to know more?