Dank Vibes

Saturday 24th February 2018

Dark Vibes

“HERE IT IS!!! THE FIRST EVER DANK VIBES!!! Smoke a dozen bowls and come down to the maddest collection of stoner & psych vibes Brisbane has ever seen. When selecting this face-melting collection of performers, our main question to ourselves was "Will stoners love this? What about people on a different trip?" and BAM - DANK VIBES.

Every band on this lineup is essentially a headliner in their own right, from the moment doors open to the moment our inebriated asses are kicked out at the end of the night, every band is amazing and will get your ass moving. There isn't a gram of filler here.

GET DOWN EARLY, PARTY HARD AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! MAD TUNES, CHILLED VIBES AND AWESOME PEEPS, IT'S WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!! LET'S DO IT!! Please share this event around and invite any of your friends who you think would be interested, it's because of you amazing bastards that we're able to put on these shows!! We love you all!!”

For the full 28 band line up, please visit the official Dank Vibes Facebook page. Headliners include such worthies as:

New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006. $20 entry on the door; $15 + booking fee online presale, or just $10 when using the band discount code toxic. 18+ only. Doors open at 13:00.

Burning flower

Toxic Bears (トクシックベアーズ) are an avant garage and experimental punk band out of Brisbane. The members are:

  • Shane Robertson (Big Bear) - vocals, guitar
  • Josh Robertson (J-Bear) - guitar, vocals
  • Scott Brady (Scotty Bear) - bass, vocals
  • Jamie Coyle (JC Bear) - drums, vocals

The Toxic Bears completed their Bear Necessity tour of Japan in 2015 (as written up at The Guardian: 'No record label, no promotion, no merch, no reason not to tour Japan'). Read this review at Roo's Live Experience of their performance at Punktilious's ‘An Apple A Day’ EP Launch in 2016. Would you like to know more?

The Toxic Bears are working on a new album, which should be released later this year.